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Adventure Title: Introduction to the Kingdom


Locations: Landigaard, Midmeadow Druid Grove

Party Members: Camm Amarth (Human Barbarian), Titus Crow (Human Fighter), Gedion Ravenor (Half-elf Rogue)

Recap: *

In this tale the party is introduced to the city of Landigaard and the Church of Pholtus. They are contracted by Brother Lanyard to investigate a new sect of blue-faced kobolds that are raiding gnome mines. On their travels to the mines, they encounter a band of gnolls, and are rescued by a local clan of druids. In the secret grove, they are introduced to Fydor the Damned, druid, who gives further insight into the Church of Pholtus. With Fydor as guide, the party continues on their mission, and encounters a goblin scouting party. This second fight ends in survival

Characters Encountered/Discussed:

Grisken the Fiendfinder: Archbishop of Pholtus Reifus the Paganhammer: Archbishop of Pholtus Maxmillian Thrace: Archbishop of Pholtus Brother Lanyard: Priest of Landigaard Fydor the Damned: Wizard Ogon Tillett: Leader of the Church of Pholtus

Monsters Encountered: *

Party of Gnolls Goblin scouting party

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